x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | A warm Monday in beautiful Pensacola, Florida. Walked 1/4 mile balanced on the train track a few blocks from out house. There’s always posters around here wheat-pasted up with quotes and designs attributed to Crime The Inc. to the effect of, Beauty must be what we are, otherwise it is against us. Or; Most crimes and genocide are commited by people who do what they are told. Therefor I have decided not to do what I’m told, ever. Or; Come to our Moltov Coctail Party. In my youth, I might have been posting them. Now they seem violent and simplistic. At the same time, I thank Goddess there’s someone around here with the guts to risk breaking the law to communicate these feelings. She knows the local banks, chainstores and media aren’t telling the whole truth. This is a good place to live. We struggle in our search for justice. George Bush was on the TV at the Post Office talking about opening the US/Mexican border to workers who will take jobs Americans don’t want. I like Mexicans. Drinking tap water ‘cause we’re broke. Cooking corn-bread. We ate a huge $8.00 turkey for ten days. Yum. Cabbage is the strongest vegetable. Seems like it never goes bad. Played in Jacksonville this weekend to a band called Insolent Ruckus, their roadie, girlfriends, the door guy, bartender and his girlfriend, the soundman and one regular. Then headed to Orlando where we played with a Goth dance band called Stifff Kitties and a cool electronic Metal band called Ring of Scars. That was fun. Lots of fangs, black gear, chains, metal, finger nails and face paint. Love to our family; Gina and Julio for bringin’ out the folks. a very happy new year,Mike |