Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Tryin to come up from the bottom as a group. Is it possible, can you bring people with you? We have to bring each other. It’s like climbing up the face of a cliff, easier done alone. Seth T obocman has a book,You Don’t Have To Fuck People Over To Survive. By the way Here is an amazing web site. Don’t know why I eat this prison shit up. Is it sexual? Politics of war. A constant enforcement of power. Every instant in earth-time played out at the whim of money. “We sold capitalism to the world”, someone say’s today. “We diddn’t use propaganda like the Russians did, we sold it to’em.” The insane buzz in our ears. We hide to watch T.V. we ignore anger, lust, and content with slow death, intelectuals discuss proper abortion laws. Fuck fuck fuck, i’m gonna say it. Scream it into Fuckin’ cyber space. I pollute th information highway with silent dribble. . . Loud_as_s_shit attitude for my bored family. Not the real one of course. I’s funny, cause aunt Kathy probably won’t enjoy some iLL-Boy content, so it’s like, a secret. You know, we talk about the internet, but this doesn’t come up. What a shame to hide the truth from one another. That’s part of what fucks us all up. We all have thing’s we do only when we believe we’re all alone. Pick your nose, binge, stare at your shit, look at the toilet paper to see how clean your ass is, may be somethings with your reflection? Do moan all by your self. Tell yo’ self “Yea. By the way Here is a deadly beginning. “Yeeeeaaaa. I Feel. I Aspire, I do good baby. I fuckin’ do some cool shit. My people are amazing.” Name a few. Susan, Doris, Mom, Dad (yea, you all right man, still here (better ‘n most)), Benny Raw, Zef Noise, Kill Audio, Lise, Perry? What! You can’t even fuck with these people. |

Un-Hurried Love, Mike ILL