Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Dear (——-), We got to my room. Came in, took our shoes off. Move the clothes from the futon couch, insence and candles burning. Egyptian Temple insence. There’s a red Persian rug. I’m Naked. I’m really horney cause I haven’t had an orgasm in days; just flirting hard, and making out with young women on the road. It’s a ceremony. You and (xxxxxx). I’m laying on the ground. You take wooden pointers and stick my arms, legs, and stomach lightly. My cock is getting harder, rising up. You’re taking off your skirt - pull it up revealing white underwear. I can picture your pussy underneath it. Rubbing your smellfull sex on my cock and stomach. I’m in you from front, you giving (xxxxxx) head, his big cock you run your mouth and toung up and down the side of. We’re on our knees. You’re giving me head, kissing my pelvic bone and next to the cock, licking the cock shaft up and down. You’re wearing only a T-shirt, which I’m grabbing the back of, holding your soft, firm waist and hips You’re on hands and knees. (xxxxxx) entering you from behind You’re saying how good it feels. How hot we are. I hold (xxxxxx)’s hand he’s fucking you you’re giving me head. Next we’re both giving (xxxxxx) head, sucking his cock from either side and using our hands on each other. Your hand is so amazing - fingers. I think I’m gonna cum. You want me to be in you. I’m pushing out from inside so my cock is hard as hell - sticking strait up. We’re in my bathroom. I’m holding you by the ass cheeks holding you up - slowly entering your gorgeous wet vagina. Dry crispy hairs on the outside. . . I enter and am rubbing round and around. Firm. Stretching the outside, pushing the inside. There is nothing but your abstracted sexuality. Your ass feels so good. I’m rubbing your clit with the top of my dick. faster all the way in. All the way in out faster, faster Uh Uh Uh huh huh Oooh yes yes Oh harder harder O I’m gonna cum cum I’m gonna just do it. Yes (——-) uh. (xxxxxx)’s holding up behind you. I cum so good, oh my god. |

Erotic Love, Mike ILL