Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Dear diary, All right fucker, I’m back. Yea it’s been a long month…whatever This kid picked me up on Eigth Ave. the other night. I’d just taken a cab up to 58th Street an’ call this girl from a payphone at 1:A.M.; No Answer…call again same shit (answreing machine). Fine, I really don’t give a shit some chick I slept with on the road, great ass…wow.

Anyway, I’m walking back to the path train, and this guy starts walking with me. About my age. Neither of us got nothin’ to do so we end up in his allmost-nothing-NYU-Law-student-apartment. We kiss briefly, and suck each other off…shower, diner, and good-bye.

We talked about homophobia, drugs, and making money. My mouth tasted like cock the whole next day. I’m glad I did that, that’s pretty wild shit for me. Well…

Man, there’s so much insane sex, and drug shit I wanna record. Just stuff from our past. This complete stranger comes into the bathroom at the Black and Blue Ball asking “can I hold your dick while you pee?”, she’s hot as hell too. We’ve had some great times since then, and we still friends. ILLNESS may be back on the scene soon, but don’t say anything. |

Crazy Crazy Dizzying Love, Mike ILL