Mike’s B.S.

Fuck. Where are the directions to Mike’s(illness’ sound man/substitute drummer) birthday party? I saw him writing them up the other nite, and now we’re all sitting around here waiting for nothing. And I just left 3 beautifull hippies at the door of a Rainbow Counsel pot luck dinner. Where is that little fuckin’ piece of paper? This is so typical. Happy 31st B-Day Mike.

Man, last night I saw Karen Kuhl from Sex Pod playing solo at Brownie’s. Damn that shit is good, fuckin medicine. After that Me, Wammo, and his cute friend Robin went to the Knitting Factory and had visions listening to the microtonal(72 notes per octave) free jazz of the Joe Maneri quartet.

If that’s not enough for one nite, Suzan had a slammin party/jam session in J.C. which was going strong when we left at 5:00. Perry Robinson is an inspiring motherfucker. The man takes it to another level. The infamous Mr. Taps was also in full effect cracking himself up with “Take i’deasey dea pot’s an’ pan’s”.

Today there were a bunch of us in the city checking out Perry with Pete Seeger doing a tribute to some guy named Yip something who wrote ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and the rest of the songs from tha movie with Judy Garland. that song ‘If I Only Had A Brain’?! F’geta ‘Bout it. Incidently the man was blacklisted in the fiftie’s. (Of course)

Well Mike, I’m sorry man. This realy sucks. We’ll take you out to dinner later.

Yo, don’t get arrested. Hermes-Pan-Kali-Tara-Krishna-Shiva

Ginsburg Lives

Peace. . . Mike ILL 4/6/97