Habitat came in, or paid someone to come in and install two mini-split HVAC units with an outside condenser that can support a third.

The tattood ex-meth chef who’d been out of jail six years that headed the install team was lovely.

Because of the installation process the main room of the house, which includes eat in kitchen, pantry living room piano room and den is filled with decommissioned shelves and their contents and a four by eight by two foot bookcase on its side.

We are reorganizing before Ashirah’s 12th birthday party this Saturday which will have a Hello Kitty theme. The child of a couple of local socialist activists we like a lot is coming over for the first time. She has a non-traditional name like most of her generation do in this culture.

It’s June in Pensacola so none of us is wearing much in the way of clothing. Rivka pulls open their black panties from the waist and reaches in wondering, “am I sweating or am I leaking?”, and then in a theatrically weary voice with a creak in it utters, “probably leaking” on the way to the bathroom.

Party supply shopping took two hours. BJs is using a deal on gasoline to sell TVs.

For Charlotte’s funeral tomorrow the final song selection consists of Leonard Cohen Halleluja instrumental, Here Comes the Sun, ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple and Amazing Grace along with some music before and after the service and fifteen minutes for a slideshow. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the slides when Thom Botsford (sax) and I play.

Rivka keeps fleas off the cats by hand. It is incredible. There’s a movie playing for Ashirah. With popcorn. And a foreign voice talking about Israel, Gaza and Trump. Probably Mahmoud OD. Rinah’s watching the movie, too. I think it’s Mean Girls, which Ashirah sang a song from for a recent audition.

In this big atmosphere will soon be the sounds of funeral songs being practiced. Thom wonders what key we will do Sun in.

There’s a scene in this movie where a grownup pretending to be a kid does a song about Halloween and being a sexy whatever-you-want-to-be, sporting mad cleavage which triggered a host of puritanical and feminist alarms to go off leaving me pondering the corporate team at Disney who are experts in feminist theory and marketing and how and when cleavage may be about self love and expression and when it is about meeting a patriarchal standard.

You think it’s acceptable or even “so cool” that I’m expressing myself when in actuality I’m expressing you. You’re welcome.

The background color of this page, #c67 which is shorthand for #cc6677 is made out of mostly red, cc being shorthand for the hexidecimal representation of what in decimal notation is, well twelve times sixteen plus twelve or 160 (16 x 10) plus 32 (16 x 2) which is 192 for the leftmost c in the 16s place, plus 12 more equals 204. That would be out of 255 (aka ff which is sixteen squared, but minus one because we use zero as the starting number so it all shifts down by one) and that is amount of red light in our three column red green blue color system and it is 80% of the way saturated: 204 ÷ 255 = 0.8 = 80%. If the green and blue slots were at zero we would have a pure red color, but with our amounts or G and B fairly close to one another and between a third and half way up the scale, with about ten percent more blue than green, the color becomes more diffused, closer to white with the hue leaning a bit more purple.

It’s three fifteen and there’s a hungry mosquitoe in our bedroom. Took a cold shower. Let’s try the sleeping and dreaming thing again. Last night rather early this morning Jim Rado visited as a seven foot ghost. His young cohort had left the body along with him and they seemed to be doing well.