The chorus does three annual concerts. A christmas one, a world music one and a broadway one.

This was the broadway one. Disney, pop tunes, show tunes and always a patriotic set. Kids age six to eighteen. Mostly female. Rinah says the boys are all either gay or homophobic.

There were a few hundred people in the audience. Each of us had a different experience.

An aching back. A forgotten childhood memory. I missed a note. A mismatched costume color. A lighting scheme. A sound frequence. A loud instrument. A sexy child. A cute child. A friend’s parenting. A debt. A favorite song a unique arrangement a cliche a clever rhyme. A riff on the guitar an old lover a divorce. Someone’s perfume. A full tampon a doctor appointment a diagnosis. A cadence a stubborn offspring a stubborn parent.

Rinah wants a vintage toy electronic instrument the Omnichord because they use it in a song in the fantascically colored brilliantly polyamorous Steven Universe.

We are interested in Camden, New Jersey which is a blighted nest of beautiful delapidated buildings and diverse culture with a great undeveloped waterfront and a real city on the other side. You can buy a crackhouse for $200k.

There are a bunch of broken dates in this codebase at the moment. Posts that say 6/July/Two and 2001-3-24 at the same time.

Ralph Nader estimates that over 2o0,0o0 people have been killed in the genocide on Gaza at this time. For the Israeli perspective, read the New York Times.

There isn’t a punishable piece in here.

–irL (sic)