Kathy Acker’s short thick sentences.

The younger sibling slides out of the womb and lands up someones ass.

Steve Albini has left the body. Big Black. Rock philosopher.

Sixty one years.

Kids performance at the antique theater this week. The Saenger.

Rinah at fourteen is up there rocking armpit hair.

Ashirah was bummed mom wouldn’t experiment with the electric hair curler today.

People are going to be looking at me like there’s the girl who didn’t have her hair curled.

You know mom’s PMSing, right? Do you know what PMSing is?


Oh yeah, what does the P stand for?

Well I know what it is but I don’t know what it stands for.

We couldn’t remember if it has landed on stress or syndrom and Rikki suggested that the em is for mean-stral.

Perceiving men’s shit, perhaps.

“the period of menstruation,” 1680s, from past-participle stem of Late Latin menstruare, from menstruus “monthly” (from mensis “month;” see moon (n.)) + -ation. Old English equivalent was monaðblot “month-blood.” Middle English had menstrue (n.), late 14c., from Old French menstrue, from Latin menstruum.


“heavenly body which revolves about the earth monthly,” Middle English mone

Women are so much better at emotioning than most of us penis havers.

Short thick sentences.

Long thin lines.

slice of 3.14.