Rinah and their non-binary BFF handed us a note today. Notification that they are dating. And have been lesbian girlfriends for most of the past year. Hand-holding seems to have been the sensual extent. The chemistry has been expansively apparent for a long time.

They told about another girl who’s parents forbid them to speak to their obliged-to-be-former girlfriend or they would be removed from chorus.

That’s the kind of behavior that makes it easier to avoid the Jesus trip. Old news, of course.

Some older folks we know are planning a many month trip around the country. They are awesome and seem happy. He worked a job. Engineer. They have some money now and can afford.

Still. What the fuck is a hobby? Rather what is to want about a hobby? Multiple occupations seems and feels much more like a magical story; like a dharma; like a path; a destiny. A game, even. Like play.

Tripping on elementary math. A fraction is a division frozen into a glyph representing its quotient. Its result.

Division goes left divided by center equals right. Reverse the direction for multiplication which is the one on the right multiplied by center equals left. Six / three = two and then six = three x two.

This shit is so second nature to Chris Angelico its as inspiring as it is humbling. And it is humbling. Dealing with proportional mathematics and various ways of defining coordinates in a graph.

He wasn’t smoking crack in the nineties. Or studying Foetus. Homeboy does rocket science for fun. Fah real.

Rivka is the organization master. The yard, when they are inspired, becomes magical again. The house makes sense again and in a new way. And I feel sorry for myself with simple mindless chores which are endless but benign.

Women feel while men achieve. Women conceive while men hustle. Women integrate while men prove. This is not new. And not true but it’s what we seem to have got.

The BFFs church had her sign a paper in order to be a camp counselor stating that they aren’t a homosexual.

A fucking world.

E’s on tour again road managing and struggling with insomnia, stress and digestion. An opening band member called him a dick today and threatened to get into a physical fight with him because they weren’t allowed to use the production office as their dressing room.

Things we do for loot.

Ashirah complains, I never get anything because we’re poor.

Here’s to dream that doesn’t include work or social limitations.