Doris received a get out of old age free card, pretty young.

Like, early sixties.

The day after telling me, on the phone, don’t get old Mike.

Think of you, Doris, when freelancing requires hours and hours of unpaid troubleshooting.

There was a time they had a job to print some brochures and weren’t aware that their choices of ink and paper would combine in inaccurate color production.

Doris wanted to eat the cost. The partner didn’t.

Partnership ended.

This woman in Kentucky forgot to renew her domain name. We got a new one.

Re-deploying the site was, well, humbling.

Hours and hours of unpaid troubleshooting.

The more you do it the better you get.

Seemed like every step of the way, something didn’t work.

So, lots of free education.

First world problems.

Of course.