There is an urgency.

A pepper urgency and a salty arrogance.

Some coriander.

Gertrude Stein writes Alice Tokless writing Henry McBride (a writer for the New York Sun) telling Gertrude Stein, firmly and always, the best that I can wish you is to have no success. It is the only good thing.

Worldly success, he believed, ruins you.

Feeling safer and safer from that prognosis with increased age, but working against it nonetheless.

That’s a good fucking word nonetheless.

An adverb, meaning it mutates the context of some other thing.

Wondering naively… no fuck the adverb.

Wondering if, as life partners, Alice and Gertrude did “it”.

And if so, what “it” was. And how often.

Unsigned. –w.iLL