The good walk from here at Jackson and W Street in Pensacola, Florida (Andrew Jackson was a greedy, lying sadist) is down the W street hill and West along the train tracks, which lead past this old limestone quarry which is now a turqouise lake (currently rated toxic) and curving back up to Jackson about a mile and a half down.

The whole circle is about 2.5 miles.

Took it today in apparently 5,919 steps or so, at 2.5 miles and hour, according to Pedometer.

That was in phone therapy with Mickettric Mann, who is trantastic.

There’s a homeless encampment or two. Occasionally some teenagers.

Someone is raising a bunch of chickens in their backyard.

Trains are rare. Two or three a week, it seems like.

Requested and was granted a $3k credit increase by First National today, which improves our debt to limit ratio. Good. Still a lot of debt, like most of the population.

Interest is a tax.

Have a wonderful day/night/evening/afternoon/moment/breath.