Migrated, fin-al-LEE out of wErDPress. Even used Python to migrate the old HTML files dating back to mid 1990s to Jekyll and Markdown.

Markdown is a markup language worth learning.

Rivka defleas cats with a comb. Always.

We did a batá performance today. Rikki, Arren and I. At PSC. They paid $150 each. Bought us the right to rehearse.

Kern Jackson spoke inspiringly.

ETH-know-music-ology. Meth-know-toxic-ology.

Math is deep and dope. Squaring the circle and all that shit.

Learning to speak hexidecimal colors. Dig. It does rounds of sixteen (as ‘posed to ten).

So, after the digit 9 it goes, a, b, c, d, e, f, so that hexidecimal A accounts for digital 10, B for 11, F for fifteen.

Going to the second place, 01 is digital sixteen. And like with digital how 99 is the highest quantity we can indicate with two places, cause it’s one less than 10 x 10, in hex, ff is one less than 16 * 16, which is 255.

Applied to the Red Green Blue color system, each color can go from zero to 255. They use a hash symbol to indicate the hex color system. #000000 is zero red, zero green, zero blue, thus BLACK.

WHITE is indicated by full amount of all of them: #FFFFFF.

A bright YELLOW yielded by #FFFF00, because it’s everything BUT Blue (its opposite).

Want a dark red like the background of this page? #661111.

Grays are, naturally, the sets of nearly matching sets between BLACK and WHITE.

Rinah and Ashirah are into these new pop stars out of Japan, known as vocaloids, who are singing computers who perform as holographs. Miku. Apparently Yamaha has a trademarked VOCALOID synthesizer. Fuckin’ life.