There Went the Sun

At nearly fifty-four, looking for a job for the first time in decades. It's been months of intermittent limbo, ghosting and rejections. Frustrating.

Called up a solar equipment dealer who I'd done some work for ten years ago and he said I should fly out to Tuscon for the week and he'd make it worth my while, perhaps hire me full time.

We spent two day's in the single-story adobe mansion he purchased after his mentor died acting like old friends. He mentioned depression and bursts of anger.

Well, the fucker had a mood swing!

Evening of day two he says, "I need to be alone". I need you to take a walk.

Returning forty-five minutes later in the hundred degree heat, the side door is locked. Around back, he is waiting. Puts his hand out to stop me and declares:

"You need to leave right now. I've sized you up over the last two days and I don't like you. You're nosey! You stick your nose where it doesn't belong. Your stuff is on the porch. If you don't leave right now I'm calling the cops." He turns back into the house, uttering, "and you're a smart alek."

Sure enough, my belongings in a pile on the porch (sans laptop, toiletries, phone charger, notebook.) No water. No money. He brought the laptop (upon request).

Spent a very humble night in the airport, handling deep emotional self-deprecation and airline service people.

The next afternoon he called me (now in Dallas waiting for a flight) and apologized.

Perhaps a payment and my belongings will be forthcoming. The (not) funny thing is that the morning of the flight to Tuscon, I did an Obi divination reading which came up as "total loss."

Whoops, again.