Afternoon “Naps”

Started learning how to make websites in the nineties and Doris got me a gig, which went well. Decades later, still a novice programmer: html, css, javascript, Python, php. Closest current mentor, Streaming on Twitch, who's Streaming on Twitch at the moment.

He is a brilliant coder who continually humbles and inspires, worrying me occasionally because he doesn't leave the house and seems to rarely sleep, continuously pursuing eclectic coding, video game and art patronage endeavors, fueled by hot chocolate and music that might fall into the Alice in Wonderland, or "Alice", category. Avid fan of Gilbert & Sullivan.

Rivka, Rinah, Ashirah and I have been sleeping in the same room for over a year and it has coincided with a decidedly improved sex live, most of which occurs via touch and dialogue, outside of the "bedroom".

Afternoon naps, though, in the locked under construction bedroom (we live in "the projects", having removed all the ceilings, had spray foam insulation put in and painted it sky blue), leave a little more space for play than middle-of-the-night, quiet sessions within feet of the sleepers.

Asexuality is an interesting concept.