Month Three Begins

Quarantining began about two months ago. For us, it's as busy as ever, but less hectic. We still struggle to touch on all the projects. Breathing, eating, cooking, singing, painting, weeding, teaching, making websites.

Now the cops have killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. Millions have watched the snuff film of him begging these pigs for his life, calling out to his mama as two cops held him down while another kneeled on his neck. "I can't breathe.", is the quote.

We watch a media outlet called Unicorn Riot, who've been around since Standing Rock, covering struggle.

Ben's mother-in-law is dead. Aunt Dot barely holding on. Arlene is just out of ICU. Two of mom's co-volunteers are dead and almost dead. Yet most Floridians aren't even wearing masks on the street and in stores.

The Great Pause, Ravi Singh calls it. What a poet. Rivka and I are about to begin a virtual 300 hour kundalini teacher training.

Ashirah is about to turn 8. Rinah will be eleven in August.

There's a family that lives up the block from us. Young. Two or three tiny children. The dude drives some kind of work truck and is always in a bad mood. They're all gorgeous. I've tried to talk to him over the few years since they moved in. It's almost impossible.

Yesterday, I had passed Shanitra with a beep and at the stop sign, backed up to tell her I love her. Her shack (behind Albert's house) is across from their place. When I get out of the car at the back of our driveway, dude has hurried over to ask me, "what was you lookin' at?"

I put my corona mask on. "Huh?"

"You backed up from the stop sign and looked in our yard? What was you lookin' at?"

"I wasn't looking in your yard, man. I was saying hi to Shanitra", (who lives on the opposite side of the street.) He starts walking away, sucking angrily on a cigarette and I say, hey man, "We've been neighbors for years and I don't even know your name."

Without turning around, he mumbles something that I might have heard if it wasn't for a loud car passing by.

Whatever has happened to him in the past must really suck.