Epidemic Deniers

Developed an interesting habit in recence of waking up with itchy legs on fire some time in the middle of “night” and getting into a near-scalding four inch bath with olive oil - after nearly drawing blood with scratching. It’s not too bad.

Rivka’s upset because the internet is blaming us for the measles epidemic. Well not just the internet, but many of our friends on it. And they’re mad at us. One guy today called us “ignorant fools”.

There seems to be a view that all - what are they calling them: anti-vaxers or something… maybe the name should be “epidemic deniers” - that we’re all either uneducated libertarians or granola-making home-makers who’ve based our decisions solely on some celebrities talk show appearance.

Rivka’s pissed ‘cause I’m not defending us and calling out the mean old know-it-alls by name. She rightly accused me of being someone who would probably be fine with getting the kids vaccinated if I was married to a different woman. Would I have married a woman who was totally down with vaccines? Maybe. Would we have ended up like Suzanne and Brian who’s oldest kid nearly died after exposure to infant vaccine rounds? Probably not.

It’s not like the government goes around experimenting on people, that the pharmacy industry are overly-aggressive in pro-vaccine lobbying or that it’s a $25 billion a year industry where there’s a lot of financial incentive to coerce people into taking vaccines.

According to the New York Times there were over 600 cases of measles last year! A sharp rise that puts cases at over .0002 percent of the population. Shit. But it’s true that it’s mostly due to the wishes of my scary wife that I’m going along with not immunizing the kids. And home schooling. Fuck. She’s not even disciplined about it and thinks that just because our two seem to be slightly more educated than most of their institutionally-indoctrinated counterparts we’re doing okay. But after having watched her moan them into existence in our bed and bathtub there ends up being this reluctant respect: that she’s part of some kind of timeless mystical club of person-creating, and I kind of expand into acquiescence.

The bitch has read tons of articles - most of which support her goddam intuition, and now all you fuckers are making me read a 250-page book on vaccinations - between trying to figure out how to make enough of a living to - what - pay for college for the kids, buy someone to help change my diapers when I get old so we can afford to still sleep together and one of us doesn’t have to get shipped off to a government-funded old-person storage facility, take a cruise to Disneyland for golf and measles?

I’m trying to learn to touch type. No - I’m learning to touch type. But not at the moment. This is pecked-out.

Need to go to facebook and read a message from a concerned “friend” who was born with a cleft palate - which I’m guessing is because someone hadn’t gotten vaccinated.

Fuck. Here’s to another ignorant blogger releasing foolish poetry so xe can get back to sleep before the skin ailments re-awaken.