The Mistreatments of my Master

by A. Dick

First of all the motherfucker almost never exfoliates me. He'll actually find huge blackheads on my underside on the rare occasions when he chooses to explore.

They cut my glans proctor off. Removed almost the whole thing.

He used to beat me 'till it hurt 'cause he thought cumming was imperative.

He's very impatient with how long he allows me to feel good and full at a stretch.

Fucker somehow (yea, somehow) got me a case of warts at one point & at regular intervals had a doctor burn them off with liquid nitrogen. Then he'd drown me in vinegar to check for more warts & eventually - either out of cheapness or laziness - took to cutting the warts off with a razor (used of course) & burning the open wounds with a flaming match head.

How hasn't he hurt and neglected me? To say nothing of the foul mouths of street walkers the freak wouldn't even dream of opening his home to, let alone kissing.

TLC & encouragement and a whole motherlovin' bunch of it are in high order down here.

A plethera of attention. Quality time. Deep breath energy; spiritual, sensual and emotional. Morning energy. And not that mental shit either. Fuck you up there, Mind. Incessantly demanding his attention with your macho fantasies, ego trips and insecure misgivings.

Me and you, Boss. We can experience some powerful states of profound joy, but there's gotta be some give and take. Some push and pull.

Gimme and inch - I promise not to take a mile.