im going to start posting the truth

This morning at 8:03 in the morning was the forth anniversary of Rinah’s birth and we had a great day. A Royal Ball from 2-4pm.

Rinah had requested 1 square green kids lego (Ducco) and a doll with light tan skin, blonde hair with lots o’ curls, blue eyes that close when she lays down and a dress with tiny roses on it. Her surrogate grandma, Georgeanna - an awesome 70 year old we folk dance with -  found the green lego and we found a custom Pat Secrist doll that was close for $30 on ebay.

Even did our first home made piñata. So an early morning facebook email from an old musical comrade had kind of left the mind ‘till Zef - who’s killing a few days between Peter Murphy shows in LA while going through a break-up (of sorts?) was getting a little caught up in the self-depreciating mind-loops we artists so love to make merry-go-rounds out of. After hearing this email he said it made his day:

I will throw up if I have to see GlennMorrow talk about music once more……….im going to start posting the truth … that gut bank and the illtet were the only true hoboken bands … made up of hoboken street urchins and that we scared the bongos …. Husker Du and The Minuet Men and all of the truly great indy punk bands Made maxwells THE place ……..not Richard Barone or Rob Grenoble …… I’m dying to do this … look im up at 7 in the fucking morning ….. Your fuck off/coolness is what made maxwells maxwells…….and what made all the bands who literally changed the world want to play there……….these hanger ons arent in your caliber oh great one…… were punk rock not these dudes……we need to stop talking about the bongos and talk about things like the dude from joy division hanging himself on the way to hoboken …… not these pencil pushing mommys boys ……… ok its fasion week I’m headed to the Javits center …. bye

Thank you very much Michael Shockley. You were right about so many motherfucking things 20 years ago. Can’t do nothin’ now but see it as curious that we didn’t have the wisdom, courage and/or self-confidence to believe it. (‘Cause of course we knew it. How could we not?)