Virgin Forests My Ass

Some of the paper products we purchase today are made from trees which were planted solely for the purpose of harvesting to be sold for paper. They have been genetically developed to grow fast and cheap. They are weak. They fuck up the ecology wherever they’re grown. Other paper products are made from trees harvested from forests that developed naturally, and these products represent the diminishing of the Earth’s un-plundered landscape.

Liberals tend to cultivate feelings of empathy for “the planet” and embrace lifestyles choices that avoid ecologically dubious practices, so Rivka and I were enthused when our friend Heather here in Pensacola turned us on to the idea of “family cloth”. Since we’re using washable diapers and wipes anyway it was easy to just hang a wet bag by the toilet and set a basket of folded 7” squares of patterned cotton in a basket and keep a bottle of water mixed with a few drops of skin soap and olive oil on the window sill. Wash them once a week or so and by that time they’re dry and pretty much odorless. Who’s idea was it to wipe your ass with dry paper anyway?

Sadly there are many people, especially in the USA, who’s diet is so full of processed crap and lacking in fresh vegetables and grains that they nearly need a beach towel to clean their sphincters following a bowel movement and to them this might sound quite disgusting. Seeing the selections in some peoples shopping carts makes me wanna shake them by the shoulders hard and scream, “Wake up! Aren’t you fuckin’ afraid to die?”.

We use food as an escape. Treat life like death’s waiting room. Read a magazine, smoke a stoge, jerk off, go to sleep, do some work, make some dough, pay some bills, fly somewhere, drink something. Shit, what the fuck are we waiting for, some kind of final reward?

If wiping your ass isn’t fun for you it damn sure wasn’t fun for the trees you’re wiping it with.