Escape from Planet Suck

Zef Noi$e sent $200 down here addressed to Mutiny Zoo South just because. He said it’s because he’s been using the G&L Bass (guitar) and getting paid with Peter Murphy. We have $50 in the bank and $70 written against it before paying bills and rent so comes at a good time. Always does. Why the fuck are we so fortunate? How can we not have faith after all these years?

So the dog the neighbors had abandoned: We each spent hours trying to get close to her, but she was ridiculously skittish after so much neglect and would run out into the 4 lane street whenever something spooked her. Two days ago she disappeared. The “pound” don’t have her and she was really good looking so we think either her “dad” came back and got her or someone else befriended her. Sadie was what they had been calling her. Nice name. The woman from the pound, Betty Caro was heroic. She brought us food, leashes and a collar and even a harness to aid in our endeavor. Animal control is a philosophical and ethical acid bath.

The bee hive is queenless again and Ken Imagine had us resigned to obliteration throughout the winter. Then Morgan Bullard called - “thinkin’ about you an’ yer bees” - and is going to give us some brood from which these old bees can “pull a queen”.

Sometimes it’s the planet suck, but it’s still an awesome galaxy.