Birds Sing for a Cat Burial on the Wild West Side

Rough morning here on Pensacola’s wild west side. Walking to My Tan, the local Vietnamese bodega, a couple of kids from around the corner wait for the school bus. Their khaki uniform pants are wide at the waist and the both look more like they need belts than like they are stylized gangstaz. The t-shirts are stained and stretched and shoe laces are untied. On of them is a fifteen year old Latino who was kicked out of his house by his mother who according to our neighbor who he’s staying with, is sleeping with three Mexicans.

Upon arrival home, a brief look at our beehive confirms that there is no queen and they are dwindling into non-existence. Snipping away the new sprouts from a tree we’re hoping will die off finally, the faint sounds of meowing lead me to a medium sized kitten who’s belly has been torn wide open and is full of ants and maggots. Up at the vet., pouring some alcohol into the open wounds sends more maggots oozing out, and the Vet says that the pale white gums indicate a high probability of leukemia. The kitten would have to be in here for at least a month to clean up these wounds.

So we gave it a sedative, followed by a shot of euthanasia which slowed the little one’s brain and heart to a stop within minutes. Rinah watched us bury the little creature’s body in the front yard.

On a more hopeful note, met some new neighbors today who are loving their yard and garden. Always a good sign. Birds are singing.