Bingo didn’t have a name…

Ear and/or Throat infection lingers into week two. Lots of raw garlic munching and cayenne in the neti-pot. Also gargling with salt and clove oil. Also peroxide in the ear and some ear candling. Finally tired enough of it today to restrict diet to raw fruit and liquids (along with the above regiment). A friend also recommended tiger balm on the neck which certainly feels soothing.

Rinah sure doesn’t sleep much. This evening she explained that picking would be, “A bid waste.” and, “A mistate.” That you could “schlean deh floowah wis deh toyees ohn it”.

Was very excited about the local “Brownsville Mural Project”, which aimed to get local (it’s a low-income area) artists involved, only to discover that they are asking the artists to pay $25 non-refundable application fees for the opportunity to donate their work for consideration. Hmmmm.

Rivka’s pregnant belly is coming along nicely - very sexy shape - and the baby’s heartbeat sounded strong, the one time we were able to find it.

Rinah is currently singing, “B-I-N-Dzee-O, B-I-N-Dzee-O didin’t have a name.

“I’m dinnah pehtend tah do deh disses now.”