General Disassembly

Optimistic about the Occupy Wall Street movement, we were very involved with it’s local incarnation, Occupy Pensacola. The combination of the groups eventual dissolution into a homeless encampment, disdain for the input older, brilliant local activists, and the groups disregard for the idea of having a smoking section pretty much drove us away over the weeks.

Here’s a copy of the “minutes” from a final effort to have keep trans-sexual genius friend, Rebecca involved:

No Team Announcements -work teams have been too busy doing everything else (washing dishes, cleaning up, etc)

Rebecah Heyer explains Consensus Process -Collective Wisdom -Group should define it’s purpose here

Purposes here are

  1. Political Activism
  2. Living Community

The Community needs a foundation in Common Goals and Values, which can be determined by consensus, within which co-existance will be sustainable.

Rebecah asks question, “Why are we all here?”. Three people speak;

  1. Mike iLL: Having been angry about corruption and inequality and feeling optimistic about the Occupy Movement.
  2. Get in the streets and Walk with signs
  3. Freeing our children [from the Corporate and Banking system]
  4. Casara Goodall: Peace, love, unity and respect. Standing up against the NWO. Free access to all God offers.

Rebecah suggests, in answering, “Why do others think we’re here?”, that some people think “we” are here for Free Food and Free Cigarettes.

Working towards Central Goad. -story about a mason in the middle ages who was asked why he was working so much steadier than the rest who answered, “I’m making a Cathedral”. He saw the big picture.

A voter registration table is suggested. It is suggested (Michael from FNB) that this would net need to be addressed by consensus, along the cigarette table and chess table, as it does not affect the whole group. Rebecah disagrees, pointing out that the cigarette table does affect the whole group by attracting more smokers.

Joshua Kriwanek suggests that non-contentious proposals could be approved via Direct Consensus and contentious proposals could be addressed via Indirect Consensus.

Since there are no proposals on the agenda,  practice consensus process is run about whether or not to have a Voter Registration table.

We agree that two or three people will speak Pro and to or three Against. Nick takes over the Stack list.

Josh Kriwanek and Adam talk about the Cons and John, who (had suggested the idea) and someone else speak about the Pros.

Adam and Nick get up to express that this is a waste of time.

A vote is taken. There is a 90% consensus to have a Voter Registration table. The idea of a 90% consensus is explained and Joshua Kriwanek suggests that it might make sense to consider the 90% as long as nobody feels strongly enough to Block the proposal.

Gary Paul speaks to express his opinion that the Assembly is being hijacked. Then requests that O.P. not be treated like a big party.

Andy announces a Tuesday, Nov 1st March on Bank of America, meeting at 11:00AM at City Hall to march to B.ofA.

Nick speaks on the need for people to be Active.

Sunny announces that there will be proposals put forth at the Nov 1st G.A. addressing public intoxication and Drug use on the O.P. campus and invites input to be dropped off at the Information Tent.

Day Care Center is announced.

Michael and Nick request volunteers for the F ‘n’ Government Community Garden Working Team.

Jeffrey proclaims, “Freedom!” and “Do whatever you want!”

Father Nate has questions for Rebecah:

  1. Would we re-address things that are already happening? Rebecah: No. This is a new process for most people. It is already in progress and it will develop as it grows.

  2. What about small issues/decisions? Rebecah: (Editors note: I missed the answer to this part if there was one)

  3. What about emergency decisions? Rebecah: There can be a group, potentially called the Executive Committee, which would consist of one member of each Working Team and would make these decisions, which could then be ratified or repudiated by the G.A.

Alistair announces that this Assembly is a waste of time and that the Consensus process had already been worked out and meeting were going perfect last week. There is a Facilitators working team consisting of Michael Kimberl, Gary Paul, Nick Alford, Father Monk, Adrianne and Sara. Then reiterates that this is not a party and drinking and drug use should be done elsewhere.

Michael Kimberl announces that anyone is welcome to join the facilitation team.

Father Monk makes announcements on behalf of the safety team.

  1. Dogs must be on a leash and cleaned up after
  2. Hammocks have to come down from trees as there is a $10,000 fine for damaging historic trees
  3. No cars should be driven onto the lawn
  4. Drinking and Drugs are not allowed.

Someone mentions that Tarring and Feathering was brought up as a punishment for Drinking and Drug use, but was shot down. (a joke)