Fayah in Wahm Bass (Na Too Hot, Dedeee)

E’evet is Rinah’s pronunciation of the word elephant. She has a little blue elephant as part of her small collection of bath toys. Elephant, alligator, pirate duck, fire duck, yellow duck and two whale cups that sprinkle water from their bottoms. Duck is, since she can’t pronounce hard c’s or k’s yet, pronounced “duh”, like the beginning of oh oh - fire duck being “fayah du”.

L’s and R’s are also a challenge, as they are also pronounced by making complex shapes with the back of the tongue, so Sesame Street’s Ernie and Bert are Eauneee and Beaut, and Big Bird is Big “Beaud”.

She uses different substitutions for challenging sounds as wells as picking up on our dialect which creates phrases like, “I loo’in’ fo’ my sup a dzues, dedee. I san’ find i’”, which translates, “I’m looking for my cup of juice, daddy. I can’t find it.” The TH combination is often replaced with a D or Z sound as in, “Smoozee, daddy.” The D sound also substitutes a hard G, as in the color, “dold”.

She knows what a music note is so a book of written music is of course a “Note Bu”.

She’s actually in the bath tub as of this sentence, having just requested, “adadayduh.”