Jesus in a Tin Foil

Good Night to Drink up in Tuscaloosa a couple weeks ago turned out not quite that ‘cause the band was offered “all the shit beer you can drink”. Used to be Petron tequila, but whatever. Got a decent whiskey or two out of ‘em. Here at the Big Top Arts and Education Center in New Orleans (AKA NOLA) tonight, Kirah hooked up a heavy-handed Jameson - most likely a consolation as the audience consists of a dozen arts types, a third of whom are in the local band.

Our friends from Baton Rouge cancelled due to rain. “We don’t have cases for our keyboards”. Plastic bags? Whatever. Different mentalities. Jameson is nice. Irish whiskey. This band, The Actioneers have that lower-mississippi sloppy rock-blues sound. Singer does a nice gospel testification thing.

Rivka didn’t come ‘cause she’s stressing that our home girls ex-con boyfriend started selling rock again. Just ‘till he can get a job.

This is a big room for twelve people. Maybe there’s a few more than that. There’s a six-and-a-half foot R2D2 sculpture on the stage.

Later on we all get stoned - a bunch of us smoke and I was stoned (lightweight) - Kirah, who runs the place and Patrick who put the gig together tell a story about discovering the image of Jesus in a hair foil.

Dropped Patrick home and he’s throwing the word angel. Is that a man-crush pick-up line? Angel? We’re all a mess. Homeboy snorted over seven thousand ridlin - perscribed - last year.

Ears are finally getting accostomed to this Virgil Muzur Romani music. Years of part-time listening and months of regular. Sick motherfuckers sounds ignorant, but could one spend the time it takes to do this and still be a decent human being?

Can one be? Could one spend? Glissando. Bore me with your poetry.

Know what glissando is? Sliding from one note (pitch) to another without any break in emanation, therefor(e?) sounding (thoeretically?) every pitch (note) between the two from the initial note to the landing pitch. Virtustic Serbo-Croatian stylists.