x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City


Listening to David Sedaris, which is inspiring. The street name is actually Charles Carrol and not John Carrol Way, which comes from the end of a really stupid Nicholas Cage movie that was on last night. Charles Carrol was like a signer of the Declaration of Independance or something. See? TV being on all the time has its benefits. And maybe these streets weren’t named by an ad agency, but by a history buff, and walking around this development will be a vague history lesson, or if nothing less, an inspiration to study American History. A field which always seemed to be little more than forcd patroitism.
We wrote a musical called Joys of Armageddon. What does the term, “a musical” come from? Is it short for “a piece of musical theater”? Did “musicals” exist before movies or is the term a take-off on “talkies”, which they called the first movies that featured speaking as well as visuals.

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