x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City



| | | — | | That anxious feeling, the beginning of the Truth, maybe. If there is such a thing.You know how when you’re getting sex, you become more sexually attractive? Maybe it works the same way with money. Rivka’s brother was just down with us (and her awesome sister, Honey AKA Ana, AKA Chana, AKA Chani) for two weeks, spending tons of money on movies and trips and meals, clothes for the girls, a fucking plasma screen TV?! Flew out yesterday and we headed up to this tiny spot in Anniston, Alabama for a gig. Shitty time of year for shows and the place was pretty dead. Fun people though, except for the slam-dancing, over-weight, drunk ass soldiers, and even they had their charm. Anyway. Early in the night this self-described millionair, ex-Shell Oil engineer, on a mystical journey comes in and falls in love with us. Ends up dropping like $150 in our pockets and 4 earfulls of stories, including the recipe for traveling to another dimension: Swim hard for an hour to build up your CO2 levels, then drink a very low-carb energy drink, followed by two hits of good exstacy, one above, one below. What? One in the mouth, one in the ass. Apparently they effect different areas of your physiology. Little bro Dan’s band, BlesteNation are playing tonight. Hopefully one of these partied-out days soon, his cell phone mailbox won’t be full and it’ll be possible to reach him. It’s tough being friends with bad mother fuckers. Have a nice day. |

Love, Mike |