x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City



| | | — | | You wake up and tack upen your mouth like, damn, what’d I put in there last night? Down in the bathroom you see a green, fuzzy question mark on your toung, and a fruit fly crawling around the corner of your lips. Some times the great gigs, at least on the honky-tonk scene, take the biggest tole. An the liver anyway. It’s so great we have enough slammin’ material now to play for almost two hours without having to play any songs that make us cringe. When we started this act, 3/4 of our set was cringe-worthy, and we’d have to talk for 10 minutes just to kill time every few tracks. Singin’ way better now too. Still pangs of something that must at least be similar to jealousy, looking at the tour bus and trailer parked down the street from the dive we’re in tonight. We had fun last night. ‘Parently the spot we played is actually the one place in town where it’s NOT predominantly “frat boys”. Frat’s nest. Lotta ex-students, working people and frat people intermingling. Boss said there were some of the most “rough-and-tumble people in the county” out last night and they stayed for the whole show and had a great time. People will try to fuck with you, as you’re strangers to the whole room, and how you react initially can make or break the crowds reaction to you. There were shakey moments with the sound and shit, distorting and looked like the thing was gonna blow up, the tripped the fuze, but it all worked out. End of the night Rivka was, as they say, worshiping at the porcelain altar. Hopefully things will go well tonight as well, even though the night this booker encouraged us to schedule happens to be in the middle of Fall break, where half the places in town aren’t even open. Maybe we’ll find out he had a good reason. Have awesome days.

Love. Mike iLL |