x-x-x-x-x. Los Angeles



| | | — | | Drive by day, rock by night. First week of shows were great, where there’s a following. Last couple sucked, in Phoenix and LA. How it’s s’pozta be. Playing for ghosts in a foreign town. Carry everything. Count on nothing, barely even electricity. Bullies everywhere, friendly and not. Somethings don’t change. Can’t show a moments weakness or they know you suck. Confidence. Anger helps. Communicate with who else is on the stage. Don’t forget. Concentrate: the ears, the limbs, the eyes, the lips, the throat, the toung, stomach, hips, hands, jaw. Promoters talkin’ ‘bout Beck and all these rock stars. Droping names on the greasy floor of the Chinatown venue. Cool cat. Los Angeles, giant billboards and homeless people everywhere. Gutter to the stars. Homeboy, Zack is playing with a huge heavy metal band now, drinkin’ Tequila and gettin’ blowjobs from naked groupies on the bus every night. It’s a job. Life’s getting easier, but def not too easy. Far the fuck from it, mentally, yo. Just a matter of forgetting fear and let go anxiety now, though. Will you be that homeless cat? If not this lifetime another, so quit worrying. Love more.

Peace and love and KY, y’all. Stay put. Mike iLL |