x-x-x-x-x. Jesus Christ Son of God vs. Second Hand Firearms.


Appreciate you clickers clicking and click-clack, clucking. Pays some bills ya know. Yea. Jesus Christ, son of God. See - see the links on the right of the page? If there’s not too many bad words, they come up and what links come depends somewhat on what words are on the page. So if it’s Jesus Christ, son of God, intermixed with say, second hand firearms, the links on the right side of the page will tell us something about who is spending what money on advertising with the link-putter.

We must say second hand hand guns, no, second hand firearms along WITH Jesus Christ, Son of God a few times within out discussion, as you are, or rather between the click-clack, clucking back and forth and learning about who wants to pay what for which Jesus gun Fire God Son of Second Hand Christ or what not.

Jesus Christ, son of God with a second hand firearm, or rather used gun, coming in wilding to the temple. Didn’t have no wife and kids to worry about. He’s click-clack, clucking about with trigger finger going off like a strobe light. Shootin’ out the ceiling.

Rabbi’s like, “Jesus Christ, son of God.” Reaches for his own second hand firearm, happens to be an automatic, M-16, fires it into the ceiling; rat-a-tat-a-tat-tat-tat-tating and click-clack switching back and forth.

Jesus’s like, “Money, money money, money, mother-f-cker. Is that all you people care about?”

Rest is up to Puntious Pilot, spelled correctly, of course.

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