x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression

Anticipating hurricane Ivan. 160 mile an hour winds for 12 hours without electricity. Followed by up to three weeks without electricity. Maybe we’ll leave town. Most of the locals stay around.

Our one roommate who’s a corrections officer and a drama king is making a big thing out of it. He has to stay in the prison throughout. Apparently they evacuated 1,000 prisoners from this high-security facility today; 65 prisoners per bus.

Our friends in Orlando are on week three without electricity. We’ll be plugging cell phones and lap-top in in the van. Who knows what will end up going down. Tomorrow night’s when it’s s’posed to hit. Half the stores have their windows boarded up. Exciting. Maybe we’ll go looting.

Not. Decided against crime…well, stealing anyway, cause there are so many victimless crimes we enjoy, and so many thefts that are legal…a few years ago. Too much stress deciding which risks are worth taking and what not. Being in jail ain’t no fun. Not to me anyway.

Doin’ some good fucking lately. Love that ass. Sort of a love/hate relationship really. ‘Cause your just going merrilly about your business when all of a sudden this ass comes by and all of a sudden you’re deeply in need. Almost willing to enslave yourself. Than when you get that piece of sexy juicy exstatic girl-flesh, especially in this gulf coast heat, with the sweat dripping and smearing and squishing and farting all over the place… well, you know.

Sucks so bad when the sex shit is bad though. Oh my goddess. Frustrating sex is so much worse than no sex at all. And it’s a vicious cycle ‘cause the more frustrated you get, the more trouble you’ll have.

This computer screen gets more and more fickle my the week. One of those things where it’ll display grey and white stripes where I punched it in frustration a couple of years ago, then you give it a couple of love taps and it gets normal again. The other day the whole thing was just black with white shapes in it. Scary ‘cause the shit is the heart and soul of our financial stability (to whatever degree that exists).

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