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Twenty Two/July/Four

| | | — | | Missed another three gigs due to van trouble last week. Shit’s not even funny. Maybe it is. No. Yes. No. Yes. Is not. Is too. Is not… We’re at the house of a Norman, Oklahoma band called The iLLs today. Just finished of a week of dates, bringing them and this spoken word dude from Fayetteville, AR named Russ, who also does some great beatboxing stuff. He also has more facial piercings than a tacklebox and two 16 inch red dreds coming off the front top of his head. Had a blast. Last night Nathan Brown also joined us for the show here in Norman. Nathan’s dog, Chili is the most ill tempered canine I’ve ever known. Not sure what his breeding is; meduim size with sand-colored, bristly hair and pointy ears that give his head a triangular shape, ending in a rounded mouth, beset with a perpetual scowl. Chili has only one friend; Nathan. Oh yes, Nathan recently got married in a flash of lustful inspiration to a girl named Tara Cunningham from Connecticut, so now they’re both using Browningham as a last name. Chili barks at anyone who looks at him for more than a quick glance. Giving him some food, his teeth scrape my palms as he quickly snatches up the food. One time I thought, “Let me try leaving my hand near him after he eats the food, maybe that’l be a way to slowly get to pet him.” As soon as he was finifhed chewing he glared at my hand and bit my wrist, then bared his gummy teeth and growled at me. Funny guy that Chili. Nathan’s as sweet as it gets. He’s had Chili since he found him on the streets 14 years ago, too. We also had some great shows in Arkansas with this hip-hop act, Arkatext. We’re really starting to get some crowds into Mad Happy. Coming to see us repeatedly and dancing like crazed gypsies. Played a fun-ass gay club in Oklahoma City with an electronic duo called Viewers like You. Next few days we hit Amarillo, Austin and Houston, Texas. Nathan Browningham’ll be with us for the next two. Jerm Pollet hooked up the Austin show with Lo Tek and Laughing Boy. Sunday we’ll be at this place The Proletariat in Houston that this bad-ass underground booking agent, Erik Carter from Kork Agency turned us on to, with some kids from a local label called Briokids. After that we hit New Orleans with our boy MC Trachiotomy, whos web site may or may not be working at this point. But that’s the case with all our web sites, isn’t it? you rock.Mike iLL |