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Thought I had a huge, hairy erection going there for a second. No. Just my tail between my legs again.

Living the dream, or just prolonging the fantasy? Should’ve been in Rochester by now. Still at parents house in Union City. Whaddaya want from an $800.00 van?

That’s what we got last week after the $1200.00 van from last year went kaaput. A 1991 Dodge Grand Caravan with “120,000 miles on it. The speedometer says 180,000, but it’s broken.” Went two miles for every one driven for a while I guess.

What’s so pathetic is that we don’t even make enough money doing this to pay for the equipment we need to keep doing it. My little sister offered to give us money today. Money she made at the corporate job that she hates. All in a days drudgery.

Heard that my old homeboy was back in town recently, visiting his dope dealer. Always nice to hear.

We played our “hometown” of New York last week. So of course we then get to sit through the commentary of all our old friends: “You changed again. Now you suck.” Just kidding. You guys love us and we love the commentary.

Anyway - tomorrow we will make our third attempt to leave on this godforsaken tour. But, putting things in perspective, I just learned from their web site that the group called I Am The World Trade Center has cancelled their tour ‘cause one member of the couple, Amy, has a huge tumor in her chest and has had to go on Chemotherapy. Wonder how they’re paying for that.

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