x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | Key to suck-cess in art: Work harder, eat less, spend less, be true to yourself, but not too true; stay within’ boundries. Be extreme, but not too extreme; keep it palatable. Pick an audience and give the fuckers what they want, before they even know it themselves. Don’t have babies, or you’ll have to gt a job at Wall-Mart. Pray for blood, baby. Pray for blood. Last Mad Happy tour another success. If only we had time to finish our record. Network, network, network. We get to sing and dance and stare into each others eyes nightly. Hooked up with this bad-ass booking agent in Houston. He gave us a ton of music to listen to: Cex, Goldchains, Tigerbeat6 compilation, Stars as Eyes, and a bunch more. Many bad motherlovers out there on the west coast. There’s some insanely ill shit came out of Houston since like 1993; this cat DJ Screw who invented this style of hip-hop for folks in the filthy south who drink codeine syrup. Maybe you’ve heard it comin’ outta some ghetto-ass cars; really slow with slowed down vocals like playing something at half speed. Most wacked, innovative and exciting raw style since rap itself, maybe. Dark shit, though. Slangin’ and Bangin’. We’re eating more than dried beans this month. Feeling rich. Maybe even buy some clothes this summer. Takin’ baths with oatmeal, cornmeal, avocado skins and honey. Cover your body with honey, then wash it off after it dries. What a trip. Drip, drop, drope! laughing all the way,Mike |