x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | The bitterness entries. Betterest entreaties. Wow. Is it really the 29th of September? Wake from a dream of pissing on the televisions mouths. Listen to John Lennon’s pain cry out from a CD through one good speaker. “… till the pain is so big you feel nothin’ at all.” Ever get into our ill-fated trip to the Midwest Music Conference? Ha ha, fucking ha. We died laughing. Found a place to replace the two rear tires with used ones, day before heading out. No big deal. Next day we’re getting ready to head out (with some money beg-x-stracted from the record co) and realize an oil change is in order. Homeboy at the shop points out that we must change the two front tires if we’re going so many miles. He has no tires. So we find a place and change two more tires. Now it’s hours later than we planned on leaving. We finally get out of town and 100 miles out on 78 the van starts flip-flip-flipping. Alright. So, yea. You guessed it. Used tire peeled to the wire. It’s just about 6:00 PM. From beneath the shadows of a 40 foot cement sound wall, with semi’s flying by, we put the donut on and pull off the next exit. By the goddess’ good graces, there’s a Goodyear shop right there. The place is closing down, but they’re willing to hook us up. We spend another $45.00 and argue about whether we should even keep going. Heat up some food in the parking lot and try to sell a CD to some passers by. To no avail. We get back on the road (heading southwest) and end up having some kid at a gas station down the road buy a disc, which gives us just enough gas to get into Lexington. Won’t go into details of the “conference”. These kids are doing their best. It’s all about networking with bands. Hopefully good bands. This John Lennon shit is so dope. Been listening to the latest KRS-ONE and Outkast lately too. Plus Peaches. This writer, Leah gave us some screens for our windows which has cut down greatly on the mosquitoes. Thanks Leah. You rock. Today is this festival in Hoboken. It’s a gorgeous day. Should be ah… fun. Must go commit some crimes first. Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try.

Ten Thousand Blessings. mike