x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Drugs and Depression


| | | — | | Like to stop drinkin’. Family vacation last week and it’s all bad habits. Sugar, Candy, Caffeine. Fighting off the uncomprehended depression. Had to read some more Miller last night to help find the beauty in pockets emptying of eight dollar bills with rent unpayed. The two girls that run around the apartment naked helps. And the eighteen-year-old staying with us in the apartment too. Life could be worse. Should I talk about the orgasms sweetie-pie has with my thumb up her ass? The stiffening body and hand pulling my face further in to her clit? Should I write about how her ass clenches up so tight when we do it doggy-style, it becomes almost pyramid-shaped? Do you want to read about the way this girl from the west coast’s bare legs look with goose-bumps and tiny black hairs; not 2 1/2 feet from my face as I write? Why do we get off on this shit? Can I write about how I wondered why, as I’m booking our October and November tour dates, almost noone returns the emails, and then I realize that the email wasn’t working? So today I re-sent about 100 emails, and tomorrow will continue. Also must make poster for CBGBs show. Must get ready to sing for the Catholic Church on Sunday morning to make a few dollars with the old folks after sweating for the artist crowd at Freddie’s in Brooklyn the night before. Digging a Mystical CD on Master P’s label from like, 1998 or so. Also the self-bootlegged CD of Little T and One Track Mike who are from around here and whom we met at The Nick in Birmingham, Alabama. Love the Hip-Hop. KRS-One. Please wake up to this shit if you’re not. Props to Doris China, Mom and Dad, Ben Raw, Bar/None, Alegra Brosco and Feldman, Zef Noi$e and Firewater, Honey and Atira.

Thousand Blessings. mike