Mike iLL


| | | — | | Spent the last 24 hours sick in a Super-8 motel room. Now we’re in Kansas City, MO eating chicken soup. Show in Erie, PA with The Clarks was dope. Packed. Those guys play there asses off. Madison, WI was scary. Saturday night we played an all ages show which was kinda cool, but there was no-one there and we hardly made gas money. Actually, it was really cool besides for the money. This band Cardshark Devils are super-tight and some of the other bands sounded real good too. Those kids are very hip and some of them totally got us. Next night - this is classic. Now, we’ve never played Madison before, right? So we’re gonna open up for a local band. Well, we get to the gig and the “local” band thinks we’re the ones with the draw. They’re from 150 miles away and only played town once before. So anyway - we play for each other and the like, 10 people who came out (we are getting some radio play). Now, I know that the first $100.00 goes to paying the sound man, so when the club manager came up to us at the end of the night to talk about money I was suprised. Figured maybe they give touring bands $20 bucks or something. Check this out - he’s like, “We didn’t make enough to pay the sound guy so you guys each need to pay $35.00.” I just laughed. The other dude gave him the money, but our friend who set the show up called the promoter the next day and is getting a refund. What a game. I said to the manager, “What if you showed up to work and at the end of the night your boss was like, ‘we didn’t make enough today, you need to help pay the rent’? Damn, niggaz are funny. Luckilly the Monday show in Chicago made up for a wak weekend in Madison. Rewound and Mad Happy at Prodigal Son. Our peep.s Kathy, Knick and Pete were representing and there was even a genuine yogi present. Good audience. Gotta love it. Speaking of Yogi’s, the owner of the place we played in Ames, IA is also a Yogi. The place is dope, and even though there was almost nobody there, every-one loved us and bought tons of shit. Then the owner (and this place is cooool) took us back to stay at his unbelievable palace in the hills. That’s where we were able to get sick. Think we picked up this virus from our friends in Chicago. Madison is known as Mad City. Chicago, Shy town and Cincianatti Sin City. The band we played with in Madison was called Sin City Injectors. |

Love, mike