Mike iLL


| | | — | | Oh man. My old friend is busting my balls for writing about her on the web site. I think she’s not the first. Man, I read some shit by other authors and they must have no friends. Some of the stuff Henry Miller wrote about people. Damn. Do try to be considerate. Mark Lipsitz from Bar/None Records was saying I should write about the show in Pensacola where the punk chick (and I use that word to it’s fullest extent) started off heckling us and ended up dancing till she had her pants off. She looked hot az hell too. The folks at Bar/None have ben great. They’re really behind us, even though we’ve hardly sold any records yet. Rivka and I are continuing the tour solo, since we’ve realized we can’t afford to take the band out. Very deep hole at the moment. Last night we drove ‘till four after the show in Rochester, slept in the van for four hours and drove back. We stopped at Bar/None and talked about trying to hook up with some “cool” bands that can help us develop a following besides our friends. Hate the politics. We did get to #136 on the CMJ chart this week. That’s college radio airplay. Cool. Don’t know what it means really though. Another baloon. We’re trying to get details magazine to feature us in this thing about musicians “bizarre hobbies”. Hoars, the lot of us. Elysian Fields plays in the background as Rivka works on lyrics and Honey tries on clothes. This is a fun youth. Elysian Fields are fucking un-B-lievable. Their shit is sooo soft and delicate. Oren Bloedow and Jennifer Charles. Crazy soul. They’re poor as shit too. Oren said they didn’t pay their rent for years. Maybe he’ll write an email scolding my lack of tact. I need you people so bad. So lonely out there. So cold in here sometimes. Peace to Adam Brodsky. |

Love, mike