Mike iLL


| | | — | | Think it’s like One or Two AM Sunday morning. Half the band is asleep. (Or at least their version of sleep.) Bassist is leaving the band. Isn’t feeling the music, isn’t feeling the heat, the girl or the low budget. Also has to go get a fucking hernia operation. Ain’t that a bitch. Dude asked me the other day, “What makes these people come out with you and live like this and play your music?” Hope is a dangerous thing. This scary-ass biker was trying to get us to play his party the other night for barely any money and he’s like, “You’ll have the time of your life.” I’m like, “What are you gonna do for me? I don’t drink or do drugs and I’ve got a woman.” It was funny. Home-boys pupils looked like frying pans. Tellin’ me how he killed child-molesters in jail. Like thanks, bro. It was fun talking to him. Good line he dropped; I’m just rockin’ and rollin’. Mostly rollin’. Don’t necessarily get it, but it sounds hard. Kid was scary. We’re very, very, very, very fuckin’ broke. But I been sayin’ that for years. To all my beautiful friends, thanks for the endless supply of love and support. Peace and chicken grease. |

Love, mike