Mike iLL


| | | — | | Damn. What a week. We bought a $24.00 air mattress after having to leave a gorgoeus house in Birmingham ‘cause there was no bed or carpeting. Good move. Rivka’s currently pumping it with air. Shit gigs, open mics, ditturbingly disordered homes, intense heat, bad bands, band member quiting (for a few hours anyway) and 40 pmh on the hi-way ‘cause we blew the transmission. Played a show in Athens, GA with Hasil Adkins and they insisted I play solo (with Rivka) and couldn’t pay us (not $20, not $10, not a dime). Have you read Get in the Van by Henry Rollins. Great book. He complains about the misery of life on the road. I’ll paraphrase: It’s fucking cold outside. The tire blew so those guys had to unload the whole truck and put everything back in again. Some chick said something dumb to me, so I told her to go die. I worked out for an hour and wrote in my journal, then I couldn’t even find a good pot of coffee. Whoa Henry, that’s rough. We just played an open mic for 10 people, cooked out front the bar, did the dishes behind the bar, sold 1 CD to another poor musician and spent our last $50.00 on a crack-motel. Tomorrow I’ll be booking dates on a cell phone we can’t pay for from the back of a mini-van that can’t pull this trailer. Cancelled tonights gig in South Carolina ‘cause the van’s being repaired. (Had to borrow money from everyone we know). Band sounds better than ever. We had a great show Friday at W6 house in Auburn (where our friends Plug Spark Sanjay also play). Punk/Blues band Immortal Lee County Killers are from Auburn. Hopefully we’ll make it to Nashville in time to interview on-air at the Vanderbilt U. radio station. If I sound negative, it’s all in fun. |

Love, mike