Mike iLL


| | | — | | Man, I fuckin’ HATE when people have to crank the AC up to freezing in the Pensacola heat. We play at a cool little cafe tonight called, Van Goughs. Dan and April rock for putting us up though. Rivka and I slept in the guest room last night. Women are a trip. Been with this one for a long time and it’s amazing. The other day Mike Shockley was so funny; “Women were put here to yell at us. We need to be yelled at. That’s what they do.” Fuckin’ love that Delaware boy. Our bass player’s a bit of a loner. His mother’s coming over to hang with him today. Hope he’s okay. Spelled his fucking name wrong on the CD (I’m an asshole) and he don’t wanna give her a copy. We’re gonna try and doctor one up. It’s Crag, not Grag. Crag is the Scottish people used to live in the caves by the sea. Where the name Craig comes from. Hey - Mad Happy rock. Buy our record (if you can swing it) or fuck you. No. I shouldn’t say that. Hey. Thanks for the support. Glad you dig it. |

Love, mike