Mike iLL


| | | — | | Whaaaaaat the motherfuckin’ fuck and shit and aaaaaye? How many life-times since these pages have seen an update? There’s a couple of journal entries on Mike iLL.com, but I’m not feelin’ the way they come out listed, and I probably should’ve learned my lesson about doing shit yourself. Like, Bar/None Records (did I mention my new band Mad Happy, with Rivka, Nelson Pla and Crag, and that we got a record deal?) has hired the Beastie Boys publicity company to hype up our current tour. It’s been over three weeks and I haven’t seen a fuckin’ thing. And this is in places like Little Rock and Memphis where I know I could’ve gotten something in the local free weekly. Of course the hope is that it’s only been three weeks set-up time and over the next couple of months things will pick up. The guys at “Nasty” definitely seem quite cool. Turned me on to this new cat Andrew W.K., who I’m not sure if I love or hate, but that alone says a lot. ‘Cause most of what I hear I could give two fucks about. We have played with two really cool bands on this tour, Complete Strangers out of Huntington, WV, who sound like something between Iggy Pop, James Brown and the Ramones, and a bad-ass punk blues band out of Athens, OH called Geraldine. These guys weren’t the only two bands, but definitely our over-all favorites. So listen, look for a new Mike iLL diary entry soon. And please go to your local music store and BUY OUR CD. Mad Happy - Feel Good Music… for the Broke Middle Class. |

Love, mike