Mike iLL


| | | — | | Goodness-motha-f’n-gracious babies, this was s’posed to be a weekly shit. Hey what’s darkness? The absence of light, right? Is it the opposite of light? It’s not really a person, place or thing, is it? Is dark a noun? Darkness is differen’t from dark? Is hunger the absence of something? Fullness? Poor Old Souls finishing up a 12 song CD. Call it a demo, I don’t know… We’re also recording some shit with the antifolk producer Spencer Chedakis out in Brooklyn. That’s probably the wrong spelling of his name. I’m good at that. Got one of those nasty $55 parking tickets en route to his studio today hen Jim D and I stopped for 3 minutes at a bus stop in Brooklynand Jim ran in to get some peaches (Not the Mouldy Peaches - a really cool antifolk band). This black, sour-faces bitch crawled up behind the van on her stomach while I was idling. I tell you, pretty soon they’re gonna just tow your car away while your driving. Can’t you see it? Like, these fork-lift to trucks that latch onto your car while you’re driving and shake you uot of it, and carry it off like an up-side-down waterbug. Ha haaaaaaaaaa. No, but this shit is exPENSIVE. Did a cool gig w/ my old home boy Billy Martin last night where a few heads did ill dou’s with this DJ Scotty Hard. Also Poor Old Souls toured with Dave Human (of Baltimore antifolk scene) and played a party with these cats who are involved with this realy cool label Palace Records. Man, gotta love that DIY shit. Our homeboy whose into all this bio-tech shit is talking about helping us start a label to release our own music. THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about. |

Semi-manic, mike