Mike iLL


| | | — | | Wow. Lots to write about. Insane acid and mushroom trips at my man’s wedding (a gay jewish one) in Amsterdam. Almost jumped out the window, decided to quit playing music (‘cause it sounds horrible), kill Eminem and make my little brother a star. Also decided that I’m gay (again).

Man, I took off all my clothes and screamed “I wanna love you but I can’t”. Feel much better for the experience.

Why waste this precious life tryina be famous or rich or anything. It’s almost become a cliche but; Be Here Now. That’s what I want. Fuck Mike iLL. Mike iLL is and idea. I thought I had a lot of ideas, but now I see that it’s the ideas that have had me.

Love is the only…

Okay, stop. That’s an idea too.

Here’s a poem by the guy that ran for president and wanted to (if i remember correctly) abolish money and instead use trash for commerce.

From: “S. Sparrow”

my new song


Someone is president I don’t think it’s George if he is president why does he looks so bored

Someone else is president someone who knows more

how to serve the smiling powers

The smiling powers, they decide who will live and whom they will divide

The smiling powers they choose what is vital what is on the news

George, George where do you go in the middle of the day when no one knows where you are?

Are you smelling a rose in the garden behind the White House? Soft Skull Press baby.

Props to Kevin Mooney and the Hipnosis crew.

From Washington, DC.

Breathing deep, mike