Mike iLL


| | | — | | Girlfriend’s asleep. Falls asleep quick. It’s a dark night in the stone beneath my ribs. One of those ones that leaves scars on your countenance. This one’s leaving scars on my arm too. Such a fuckin’ asshole. Didn’t think that little steak knife was so sharp. Took my self by suprise and now I’m covered with bandages. Don’t tell the girls. What am I, fifteen again? Learning more and more about manic depression. Met this kid Walter the other day at NY Head studios where Poor Old Souls are working on some of our new shit. He was in this seminal hard-core band Guerilla Biscuts, and ent on to play with Youth of Today, Sick of it All and then form Quicksand. Real sweet guy. Was supposed to take my woman out tonight, but I’m so stressed and depressed. Where do you go for $3 dollars? Car insurance bill came today. Hmmmmmm. Get me a shovel. Tell y’all what though; Surf Reality got some shit goin’ on. If you don’t know, find out. ‘Cause this is gonna be some historic shit. |

Scared, mike