Mike iLL


| | | — | | You breath your lovers taste buds, recognize your own reflection in its BA BLABL BLABLABLABLA motherfucker. BLA!

“Love is the ultimate outlaw”, she says. You know that princess from Tom Robbins’ *Skinny Legs and All* who falls in love with the bomber? Our man Hamell on Trial has a new CD out. Live from his tour with Ani DeFranco. “Live. Raw. Uncensored.”. It’s dope. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrope. I’m all about booking a spring tour for Poor Old Souls. Hope my boys are down to do a little starving. Shit is mad hectic. Callin’ these places; back and forth, back and forth, “Hold these dates, get back to you.” Gotta call these other spots. Convince strangers to open their doors to three fans and a freaky performance. Call the press, call the radio. Phone bills unpaid two months already. Just let me get through this tour. Fan mail doesn’t pay the rent. Booking Agent Rock Star Hustler Porn Star Boyfriend Addict Web Designer Publicist Yogi Friend Asshole Manic Depressive Selfish Rebel Reader Driver Counselor Teacher Dealer Cook Salesman… And from the looks of things Bank Robber is gonna be next on the list. Why’s it so fuckin’ hard to … Oh wait. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Oh yea. Dear Goddess, Why am I so lucky? |

Sorry-ass-mid-class-grateful-as-a-peace-of-yes, mike