Mike iLL


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I love the part about them (Speedball Baby) playing this big venue somewhere that every major act that’s toured Europe in the last fifteen years has played; “we played in the foyer of course”. Don’t ever join a punk band. No. I mean do. Well… Been listening to Beck’s first record for the last couple of days. It’s amazing. Him and the Beastie Boys are some of the most talented rich kids… I’m so jealous. Can’t deny it. Wish I could write like that. But some of us have to sing for the manic and depressed. My boys Cropduster have a new CD out. it’s really good. Click here. New Poor Old Souls tour soon. Dates on website. L.O. (mother-fuckin’) L. |

Sorry-ass-mid-class-grateful-as-a-peace-of-yes, mike