Mike iLL


dear t,

girl. i just got back from Amsterdam. Holy shit. What a voyage. Got there on a Monday night. no. sunday night, 11:30 PM

25 gilders and about 120 dollars worth of British money. They have this red light district there that’s so famous, so of course that was the first place i found.

thought i’d maybe give one a few bucks at the end of the night and seducer to hang with me. ya know? so i walked around the area for a while. man, it’s so out. We’d be like walking through out these thin alleyways lined with all sorts of perfectly legal, certified, professional hoars. Wow.

But they all looked kind of scary. there was this one relatively intelligent looking damaged white-girl that made my heart stop for a second. Then i thought, maybe one of these older ones, go in, entertain them with my youthful charm.

So i kind of went thought the spot and by that time it was like 12:30 and all the coffee shops would be closing soon, i was feeling a little despondent. went into a little cafe and ordered an “espresso, no… actually cappuccino and rolled up a spliff. (with that sac of drum, bag of weed and lighter i picked up with the 25 gilders of course.)

Not allowed to smoke in here (with the great Greek music), so out front for a minute. Homeless guy comes up and has a couple puffs, hell find a warm doorway or something. it’s much milder here than in new york. i’ve barely buttoned my coat yet. A posse slowly meanders around my corner and i start speaking spanish with one of the stragglers and his friends join. we smoke. they’re two Brasilians (one who plays rock), a young italian, a southern Spanyard (from where Gypsies are) and this cool old Vietnam Vet just found out he has Multiple Sclorosis (spelling, anyone?). There’s some people doing really good work proving medical benifits of Marajuana in cases like his.

Got to work on my Spanish a bit and Alberto taught me a few words (like the one for Locker), but i don’t remember them. They’ll come back. So, yea.

I played music for these guys (from in from of the coffee shop (closing) back to their hostel.

I had to leave my passport ‘till morning when they could change the Pounds to check in, and finally put Alberto to bed around 8, 9:00 AM.

I head.. Oh no, wait a minute. the whole reason i started this story was ‘cause i wanted to tell you (this is gonna be on my web site) that this italian kid was saying he wanted to go to the red light district and get a fuck or something. I thought, great. that aughtta be fun, i’l just hang and walk around, he’ll go in, we’ll all share it.

So we’re walking around, these guys are like, oh no, nothing i fancy - like getting all scared and shit, or whatever. So we’re walking down this alleyway full of freaks at like 3, 4 in the morning, probably three. I see this black lady with these huge, firm tits in a brassier (i think that’s what it’s called), all greased up or something. it looked great and i’m like: HOLD ON…. i’m going in here.

Cause she had the greatest smile too. so we went in and she gave the three of us a show in this little room upstairs. the stairway was beautiful too. cool wallpaper, plaster molds. And she totally reminded me of you girl. that big, black, firm body. god girl, you’re fucking beautiful. you’re crazy Tanya and you tnow that (and i don’t mean it in a bad way), but i’m so glad for the times we’ve spent together and i’m really glad i got to know you a bit sexually. You’re amazing. unforgettable.

we got like a “banana show” which you can imagine with like the rubber and the grease and taking off the lengerie and asking us where you’re from. “oh, yea. you’re poor musicians”

Man, i ran into this really sweet guy lives not far from here tonight, and feel like such a jerk for not calling him sooner’ but i lost his numbr with my date book when me and rivka were cleaning and re-arranging all our books and shit and he was at this party thrown by Mick Jaggers daughter tonight and had known that i was in town and i think he was hurt that i hadn’t called.

so i said, hey Jaz, it’s really great to see you, sorry i haven’t… you we’re the most important person i met here. Cause he was this guy that i played a song on the street for like the first night out last time i was here, and he just took me around, and i hooked up with Bridget through him, and …

But I’m gettinh i don’t knowg away from this trip to Amsterdam. Wait. Cigarrette? Mmmmm. Can I wait. God. So hard with all the ecstacy speed running through the jaw grinders.

ok. smoking now. typing slower and quaking a bit. the sun’s coming up.

On the train up i’d been reading this book of transcribed lectures to a bunch of hipnotists and i’m guggin on all that shit.

nine-thirty Ayem sitting in the coffee shop i bought stuff in to bring back. and this Shaman freak guy wanders in, and doses me up on liquid A. We trip around Amsterdam for like 12 hours and hook up with ALL these people. Ended up tripping on powdered MDMA with these three other complete strangers, getting naked, falling i love. these three are having and orgy.

Goddess. got these great see-through plasic pants.

i’m fuckin’ in love with the old druid who’s producing this CD. Wow.

Gonna bring Rivka and Honey to his birthday party. Youth’s paying for it too, but he doesn’t know it yet so say something nice if you talk to him.

Loving you.

Wait a minute. so many more things.. learned so much. the lyrics to Is There Life On Mars by David Bowie???

“Now the workers have struck for fame

Cause Lennon’s on sale again.”

Me and this airplane pilot transcribed those. i as blown. peaking on acid of course, but…

The 5 molecule computers that we need to understand output from a matrix system instead of a linear one to use? OK. Go to sleep now. One of Bob Marley’s neices is in the bed nest to me. jealous?

i mean next.

This guy wants to film rivka fuckin’ me up the ass. Hmmm.

Rock the World baby. mike iLL