Mike iLL


Listening to Richard Pryor spout tales of super nigger. “It’s a crow, it’s a bat. No. It’s…. The “Silky” CD by Andre Williams out of Detroit. Wrote songs for Ike and Tina Turner back in the day. Seventy year old Grease Funk crackhead junkie. This album sounds like a cross between The Stooges and P-Funk or something.

Cat Power’s too soft this week.

Unhealthy Christians hold their white-clad babies over golden tubs to be cleansed of original sin. Eat white clad, white meat, white bread sugar cake to celebrate.

Crab meat vultures fly out of harlots gashes in the dead world climate of Millers Paris. He praises Americas Whitman as a BEGINNING, a true living MAN. Calls for one who expresses his true feelings of the world and in doing so, blows it into its smallest parts so it can’t be put back together again.

Seventy years later ears and vaginas in Jersey are infested with yeast or bacteria, and mosquito bites wake us up throughout the night like tiny saw-drills attached to the skin.

Western med-dead-ication induces vomiting and moaning groaning you’re-so-mean-I-hate-you retardations among poor old souls.

Italian festival bombsshake what’s left of this old working class city. Now in the hands of the Wall street dot com executive corporate baloon economy fake irish pub drinking Hanson listening masses of upper middle classes clinking glasses over pay raises and ball games.

Spent last weekend in the hospital with my lover. During our stay in the emergency room a 23 year old woman was brought in with head wounds. Fell down the stairs in a local bar. They found a piece of bubble gum in her trachia. Conjecture she choked on it and tumbled. Brain dead. Beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Makes you think. I was taken with the young brain surgeon who arrived around seven A.M. He lives in that heavy world. We die all the time don’t we? Said, “They give it twelve hours (in cases like this). After that you can’t really expect much back.” Saw them wheeling her away. Toung and eyes like soggy ballons.

This nutricianist/chiropractor in the city has me on all kinds of weird votamins and diet shit ‘cause of the ear infection. Sticking a little garlic or lemon juice in there helps. Had me on nothing but watermelon for a couple of days.

Stingy insect carcases stain the walls. Feel bad to kell ‘em for a little itch. Cold shower makes sleep possible.

Oh. My man Kill Audio turned 25 last night. Kickin party at the NYQWILL space station in Newark. Place looks amazing. Huge loft. 1,000 windows. Cheap rent. Newark, NJ is the up-and-coming spot. Maybe it’s starting to recover from those devastating riots in the late ’60s.

Suicide is like giving herpes to all your friends. A farewell gift. Maybe that’s just because of out puritan, guilt-ridden society.

Hangin’ with my great aunt and unkle last week. He’s got parkinsons disease. Wears diapers and walks 2 1/2 feet a minute with a walker. She takes care of him 24-7. Makesyou think. |

tired but not depressed, mike